is an incentivized worldwide investment club seeking optimal long-term returns among the best blue-chip cryptocurrencies.


I’m Nick Kitcharoen

and I have a passion for the financial markets and innovation.  I am the Founder and CEO of Bitdollar Fund, which is an incentivized worldwide investment club that seeks to achieve optimal long-term returns among blue chip cryptocurrencies. Through our state-of-the-art engagement platform, our own fund investors will collectively decide what the fund's investment portfolio should be through our community vetting and election processes. Through several mechanisms, you will be able to benefit literally from the best investment ideas from around the world decided without the bias and lack of diversity of perspective of conventionally managed funds.  

To encourage and motivate investors

to participate and submit their ideas, actions like posting content, rating content, and voting are rewarded with a secondary token called Crypto Pro which also allows its holders to collect part of the Fund’s management and performance fees.   Additionally, in the long-term, we desire to be the ideal investment platform for those that are new to cryptocurrencies by facilitating research, learning, and networking opportunities all while giving exposure to the best blue-chip cryptocurrencies that are within every Bitdollar. 

Welcome To The World's First Collectively Managed Fund

The initial cryptocurrency components in every Bitdollar (BTD) are set by the Fund's President, however, all subsequent investment decisions will be made by its investors through an annual election process. 

To ensure a constant source of sound investment ideas so that optimal allocation decisions can be made, Bitdollar Fund features an Incentivized community platform that awards the secondary token of Bitdollar Fund, Crypto Pro (CPRO), for community contributions.  CPRO also allows its registered holders to collect monthly management fees and annual performance fees generated by the Fund, paid in Ether.



View your balances of Bitdollar (BTD), with its underlying cryptocurrency assets, and other Ethereum based tokens such as Crypto Pro (CPRO). See your financial performance and adjust features of your account settings such as undergoing simple KYC/AML background checks.


See prices and charts of any cryptocurrency, as well as links to news related to that cryptocurrency.  You can also choose to view saved lists of cryptocurrencies.


Read major news headlines from around the world that are relevant to cryptocurrencies, as well as articles from Bitdollar Fund community members.


Debate fundamental analysis with your fellow registered Bitdollar (BTD) investors, or simply browse the forums to learn more.  Those experienced in crypto can build a strong reputation in the community and earn CPRO by providing good fundamental analysis on major cryptocurrencies.


Watch top videos from Bitdollar (BTD) investors regarding fundamental analysis, or watch educational videos about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, trading, and other finance-related issues.


Vote in the annual Bitdollar Fund elections or the quarterly elections for non-core cryptocurrency components of the Fund.

Frequently Asked Questions

This approach will capture diverse perspectives, with lower bias, lower fees, and an incentivized structure for investors to debate and volunteer their best investment ideas to drive fund performance.  Participating investors will have the opportunity to earn a secondary token for community contributions (Crypto Pro: CPRO) that allows its registered holders to stake part of the Fund’s management and performance fees.  For more details:


Every calendar quarter, there will be a 3 phase community process: Discovery (6 weeks), Debate (4 weeks), and Decision (2 weeks).  This community process is designed to provide order as well as encourage profound fundamental analysis so that sound allocation decisions can be made. The graphic below displays the community and election process in more detail.


Bitdollar Fund investors can earn Crypto Pro (CPRO) by creating content, rating content, referring investors, voting, and being an active community member.  For more details:

By simply investing in Phase 1 of the token sale for Bitdollar Fund, one can secure lifetime future bonuses on Bitdollars purchased from phases 2 to 7 through our Investor Rewards Program. The graphic below compares the Investor Rewards Program benefits for those that invest during Phase 1 compared to those that invest afterwards.


If you are an accredited investor from the United States, your purchased Bitdollars (BTD) will be locked up for a period of 1 year which is required by the Security and Exchange Commission under Rule 506c exemptions of Regulation D.  If you are not a resident of the United States and are eligible to participate in the token sale, you will be able to sell your purchased Bitdollars (BTD) once they are listed on an exchange, which will occur shortly after completion of Phase 1 of the token sale (2019) or earlier.  Alternatively, you could also sell your Bitdollars (BTD) to Bitdollar Fund directly for the value of its underlying assets, which will paid in Ether within a week of the liquidation request.  Selling on an exchange will not only be faster than putting in a liquidation request with Bitdollar Fund, it will also allow you to receive the full market value of your Bitdollars (BTD) since you will receive not just the value of the underlying assets, but any associated market premium as well. 

In the short-term (1 year), we seek to successfully complete Phase 1 of our token sale, build our community investment platform, and hold our first investor elections.  In the mid-term (3 years), we aspire to have a much larger investor community with more content (at least triple year 1 levels), to have significantly more assets under management (>$500 million) through our ongoing multi-year token sale, and to become the easy cryptocurrency choice for those that are new to the field given that every Bitdollar has the best cryptocurrencies already within it while offering a supportive investor community.  In the long-term (5 years), our vision is to have over $1 billion in assets under management, to be considered among the leaders of fundamental analysis in the crypto space, and to be a large and well respected institution that has the bargaining power to effectively address investors' concerns about the management of the top crypto firms.

Since the cryptocurrency market is still in an immature state, there are plenty of opportunities to have an enduring and meaningful impact.  There is a lot of buzz, as well as confusion, in the crypto space due to its young age, volatility, and steep learning curve.  We wanted to provide clarity to the market by bringing together the best minds in crypto and incentivizing them to contribute and debate ideas at a high level for the benefit of the investor community, all while facilitating the entry of new crypto investors by offering them the best cryptocurrencies in one token and a relatively safe place to learn and get started.

Be part of the world's first collectively managed fund.

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